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Guided Maine Moose Hunts

Maine’s Moose hunt is by lottery only. On-line applications come out each January and the drawing is held in June. Our lodge is on the border of zones 19 and 28. Our moose hunts cover zones 18, 19,  and 28. If you are fortunate enough to draw a once in a lifetime Maine Moose permit and are picked for one of these zones, don’t miss your opportunity to score a big bull with us.

Maine’s Moose hunt is a split season with one week in late September and the other in October. Eastern Maine (as with deer) produces some of the biggest racked bulls in the state. The habitat is ideal for Moose with the generations of wood cutting operations in the area. Our guides know all the current Moose hot spots and will save you precious time scouting. You’ll hunt big bulls that have been scouted  prior to the season. We are in the woods either fishing, bear hunting, deer hunting or rabbit hunting and we are on top of the Moose activity all year not just the days before the hunt. Eagle Mountain’s biggest bull bagged was 957 lb field dressed with a 53” spread .

Your day will start out before sunrise with a big breakfast, then it’s off to a remote area where moose are known to be. 

We don't drive the roads all day. You, your sub-permittee and your guide will still hunt while your guide attempts to call in a bull. There’s nothing more exciting than hearing a big bull respond to a call on a frosty morning in the big woods of Maine. When a Maine bull Moose comes charging in to your guide's call, it’s an adrenaline rush like no other!

Our guides are very experienced moose hunters and excellent at calling and stalking moose. They have the knowledge and the special equipment to get your 800 to 1000 lbs moose out of the woods. Our guides work as a team and when one hunter has scored his guide helps other guides/sports hunt their Moose. You won't be teamed up with another permit holder like some outfitters do, it will be just you, your sub-permitee and your guide.

Fully Guided Moose Hunt Rate

Moose hunts are one on one hunts. One guide for one moose permit.

7 night, 6 day fully guided hunt includes lodging and meals - $3,500.

Rate Includes: 3 meals a day for permitee and sub-permitee. Lodging at the Wilderness Lodge or in a cabin. Your personal guide, who is responsible for helping you get your moose, getting it out and getting it to the butcher.

Guide tip not included.

A 25% non refundable deposit is required to book and hold a hunt.

Semi-Guided Maine Moose Hunt

This hunt is for anyone who has all the necessary equipment for hunting and extracting your moose from your hunting zone. We are conveniently located and have access to zones 18, 19 and 28. We are in the woods either fishing, bear hunting, deer hunting or rabbit hunting and we are on top of the Moose activity all year not just the days before the hunt. This hunt includes meals and lodging for you at the Wilderness Lodge. Master Maine Guide, Matt Whitegiver will personally go over the recommended hunting areas with you and highlight your Maine Gazeteer (Map Book) to insure you are in the right area for a successful hunt and make sure you know where your zone boundaires are. He will direct you to a pre-scouted areas that we know hold Moose and offer suggestions on where to go in, where to call from, what time of day to call, how to hunt the area and we maintain radio contact whenever possible. He will also be available each night at dinner time for a daily consultation of areas you have hunted and areas to hunt.

Semi-Guided Maine Moose Hunt Rate

with Lodging and meals a day at the Wilderness Lodge

- $1,300 permitee (single occupancy) 

- $1,650 for permitee and sub-permitee (double occupancy)

A 25% deposit is required to book and hold a reservation.

Please call ahead for reservations - Check in after 2 pm and checkout by 11 am.

Deposits are forfeited for late cancellations and for persons who do not accompany their party. You will be billed for your scheduled length of stay with no adjustments for late arrival or early departure.

We recommend a 4 wheel drive for all Moose hunts.

Butcher and taxidermist recommendations...

 Eagle Mountain provides you with recommendations for butchers and taxidermists, but the choice of who to go with is yours and you may want to discuss your options with your guide prior to your hunt. Butchers and taxidermist are not affiliated with Eagle Mountain Guide Service. Once your animal is there it is no longer our responsibility.

For lodging and cabin rental rates for non-guided Moose hunts 

go to our Lodging Page


Sept 2013, Zone 19

Matt and Lisa,
I just wanted to say thank you again for helping to create a life long memory for me, my friend and Son-In-Law.
I have to say I was impressed with the hard working ethic of Matt as well as his ethics for adhering to the hunting rules and regulations, able to have some fun and show us the country.
Always projecting a positive attitude. and not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get into the thick. A true credit to the guide\outfitter business.

I have already received a number of questions and inquiries about your business and I know we will be back ASAP...

Thanks again to Matt at EMGS! A dedicated and hard working guide who truly knows his hunting area.
Matt lives up to what he advertises without compromising ethics or character. Would love to hunt or fish with him again in the future!

I will keep in touch and feel free to use me as a reference anytime if you like.

Steven M.Pratt, Rochester, NY

October 2013, Zone 28

During the past summer(2013), my wife and I began receiving guiding brochures for Maine moose hunting. We were as excited as we were surprised when shortly after we received notice that my wife was drawn for a bull moose tag in region 28. After doing extensive research on the area we decided that we would put our faith in the hands of Eagle Mountain Guide Service. Prior to the hunt, they were very timely, professional and answered all of our questions. As the week long season neared we became ecstatic knowing we were going to have the chance at a majestic Maine bull. Upon arrival to the Eagle Mountain's wilderness Lodge we were welcomed with open arms and soon began taking the necessary and legal precautions in order to take a bull. The lodging and service was wonderful for the price paid. Although zone 28 is not known for having a surplus of giant bulls, the word on the street was there was a great amount of animals in the area, as we were soon about to find out. It wasn’t long into the first day of our hunt when I took my 650lb 37 inch wide beautiful Maine bull which happened to be the first moose we had seen yet that day. Overall my wife and I had a wonderful experience and would suggest Eagle Mountain guide services to anyone we know and hope to return someday in the future.

Shawn and Diane Malchak, Upstate NY

Sept 2012, Zone 19

This is my third successful hunt for Bull Moose in Zone 19, a beautiful wilderness with really good accessibility by road.  Matt Whitegiver, a friend and Master Maine Guide, was a strong influence on all three hunts.  He provided advice on location, habitat and methods of finding the moose we wanted.  He knows this vast area well and can put you in a place where you have a good chance of success whether you are after trophy maine fish, or hunting birds, deer, moose and especially black bear.  I can't wait until the next time I am able to hunt with Matt.

Charlie Phippen, Maine resident and avid hunter and fisherman

For more information on applying for a Maine Moose Permit, season dates, rules & regulations, fees and online licenses go to: and click on Moose Hunting.