Maine Moose Hunts

2018 Moose hunt

2018 Moose hunt

16 June 2018


Eagle Mountain Guide Service offers quality fully gyuided Moose hunts with lodging.

Our Lodge sits on the border of Zones 19 & 28

We guide zone 18, 19, and 28

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ZONE 18-19-28 Moose guides

ZONE 18-19-28 Moose guides

23 June 2015


Eagle Mountain Guide Service Offers Guided Moose hunts for zones 18 - 19 - 28

Hunters stay at the Wilderness Lodge located on the border of zones 19 & 28. A short distance to zone 18.

We have been sucessfully guiding Moose hunters for 16 years.


2015 Moose applications are out

2015 Moose applications are out

5 FEB 2015


It's time to get your applications in for the 2015 Maine Moose hunt lottery.

Go to this web site:  Maine Moose App


Good luck

We guide zones 19. 28. 18. 27   < in order of preference



2014 Moose

2014 Moose

6 JULY 2014


Fortunately, the driver of this car was uninjured. This is one less Moose that will be in the woods for the 2014 Maine Moose hunt.

The state cut back the number of permits this year in reaction to the large number of Moose lost this winter. That will make finding a Moose that much more difficult for those opting to go it without a guide.

We are in the woods of our territory ( zones 18, 19, 27 & 28 )  for a much of the late summer right up to the beginning of the Moose hunt. We know where the Moose are. 

A Maine Moose hunt is the hunt of a lifetime. Many people have waited over 30 years to win a chance to hunt these majestic animals.  We strongly suggest you use a guide. Don't waste valuable time scouting your area trying to figure out where the Moose are. 

Eagle Mountain Guide Service is taking bookings for the 2014 Maine Moose hunt.


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Matt Whitegiver

A Great season !

A Great season !

29 NOV 2013


Well here it is the day after Thanksgiving and I am finally sitting down and writing my hunting blogs for the past 3 months. I moved up to the lodge just prior to Bear season in late August and have been there almost the entire time till now. I've come to 2 conclusions. One, I like my lodge bed better than my bed at home and 2, the (percolated) coffee I make at the lodge is much better.

We had 2 very successful Moose hunts at the Wilderness Lodge this year. A Sept. zone 19 Bull hunt. ( which I guided ) and an Oct, zone 28 Bull hunt ( Guided by one of my Guides: Dennis Perry ). I cannot guide Moose in Oct as I am too busy guiding Grouse and Woodcock hunters. Birds I have always found are much easier to get out of the woods :-) but not as much of an adrenaline rush.

This update is about the Sept hunt...



3 FEB 2013


It's that time of year again to apply for a Maine Moose hunt. Populations are up and permit allocations are as well.

Here is the link to apply:

Good luck to all...


Above picture is a 2012 Moose harvested by  Charlie and his son in zone 19

Click on pic for larger image...




22 MAY 2012


The Maine Moose Hunt drawing is coming soon! ( Saturday, 23 June ). Good luck to all who applied for this once in a lifetime hunt. Eagle Mountain Guide Service and Wilderness Lodge  will be taking bookings the day of the drawing for either a guided trip for those choosing to use a guide, or lodging for those going it on their own.

Our lodge is conveniently  located on the border of zones 19 & 28 and is just a short drive to zone 18. 

You will find this link:   very useful for any questions about the hunt you may have.

If you are picked for zone 18, 19 or 28 and you wish to use a guide, be sure to contact us ASAP as we only take out one permit holder p/ guide and we only have a few guides.



1  APRIL 2012

Here is the link to apply for a 2012 Maine Moose hunt:

The online deadline to apply is May 14th.

Eagle Mountain's Wilderness Lodge is located on the border line of zones 19 & 28.

Whether you want to hire a guide or not, our lodge is a great location to stay. If you are fortunate enough to be drawn for this once in a lifetime hunt and you do want a guide, we are available if you get one of  these zones.

If you have any questions regarding the hunt, a guide or just lodging, please give us a call.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or which zones to choose give us a call.

Good luck...

P.S. the above pic was flying around the internet a few years back. I don't tbelieve it's real, but it's a pretty impressive image...

Moose Pictures

Please don't be misled by the lack of Moose pictures on the web site. I have guided many successful hunts across the state in my 12 years of guiding and have participated in many more prior to.  My focus is on the hunt not on pictures, I guess it's time to hire a camera man. 

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