About our logo

The painting at the top of our web pages is called " Sunrise Surprise" by Yodeling Slim Clark. When we purchased our lodge we found an old faded print on the wall and liked it so much we thought it would make a great  "business logo".  It reminded of days gone by and of a rustic old time hunting lodge, which is what we are, so we began the search for Yodeling Slim's paintings online. After finding his web site and learning he was no longer with us, we e-mailed his widow Kathleen with the hope that she would grant us permission to use this painting for  Eagle Mountain's business logo and signage. Kathleen graciously agreed, asking only  that we  acknowledge her late husband when & where we could. We hope to incorporate a few more of these fabulous prints onto our web pages. If you would like to see more of Slims art,  click on the above link to his web site.

Thank you Kathleen,

Matt  and Lisa Whitegiver

Dear Matt and Lisa,
I more than approve!  Thank you for using the print and for encouraging your website viewers to consider a print for themselves.  You've made it so easy for them!  Slim loved to make folks happy every day, whether by a song, or a painting, or one of his many stories.........  He'd be some pleased with what you've done.
                 "SUNRISE SURPRISE"  By Slim Clark