bear season

bear season

13 JULY 2012

Even though fishing season is still keeping us very busy, my mind is gearing towards the the up coming Bear season. We start baiting in just 2 short weeks! A visit yesterday to 10 of the bait sites showed that bears are already checking for food and reports of bear sightings are way up all over Eastern Maine.

Last year, I heard reports from outfitters all over the state claiming the worst year for bears they had ever had. Eagle Mountain was either very lucky or very good because we did not have any shortage of bears coming in to our baits. Just a shortage of hunters with the economy the way it is. Last year over the first two weeks of bear season 13 hunters saw 36 bears. We harvested seven and coulda - shoulda harvested eleven! Two hunters passed up on large bears (well over 250 lbs) hoping for a monster. One hunter missed a really big bear  (killing a young Beech tree instead) and another hunter chose not to shoot a huge bear that he felt was "too close" to shoot...

Hunter #'s are up this year but we still have room for more. Give us a call and book soon....