20 JULY 2012

I know what you're thinking...That's not a Bear track! Why is Matt putting up a picture of a Moose track on a bear scouting update? Well I'll tell you...Cause it's not a Moose track either. It's a Whitetail Buck track! 

I found this track while scouting out a new Bear bait site. The spot was perfect for Bear. Everything you want in a good bait site. Bog, running brook, thick Cedar and Spruce and a major game trail running right through it. This Bucks track was on what we call a Moose run. A beaten down trail that is used by all the big game animals. If you look close, you can see the dew claw marks of a Moose track just ahead of the Bucks.I have to admit I came out of the site more excited about the Buck track than I did about the great new bait site. But that's just me.

The Maine woods are barren of any natural food sources for Bear! Beyond grasses and and some blueberries there is nothing for them. Out of the 12 historical bait sites I checked, 4 already had Bears scraping the ground up checking for donuts. And I don't start baiting for another week! I am glad I have more bait than I need this year because as soon as the first barrel of bait hits the ground, the bears are going to be in a feeding frenzy.

Gonna be one of those smokin hot years to hunt Bear. STILL ROOM FOR MORE HUNTERS.........

I named that new bait site already..." SWAMP BUCK "... Maybe whoever ends up sitting there will get a glimpse of him.

Stay tuned....