11 AUGUST 2012

Hard to think of anything to say about the baits after 2nd run other than wow. All 28 baits are smoking hot and most are being visited by multiple bears. From now  till the opening day of the hunt there is no doubt every bait will be cleaned up each and every time in.

A note for those who don't already know. The Reaper Outdoors Team hosted by Active duty Navy SEAL, Master Chief Ron Bellan will be joining us week 2 of the season to film an episode of their hunting show Reaper Outdoors, "Survive the Hunt "series. The show airs on the Pursuit channel on a date to be determined. I am very excited to have Master Chief Bellan and his brother Jon ( chief editor ) back for their 2nd Bear hunt with us as well as meeting Doug Datish the 3rd member of the TEAM and executive producer of the show. A lot of the mission planning details are still being made but the plan is the TEAM will insert into an area near 2 of our baits sites on Saturday morning and will not come out of the woods till the following Saturday. Any Bears in this SEAL's OP area are in big trouble....

Anyone who might want to hunt with us that week , we still have room for a few more. Give us a call 207-537-5282

Stand by.......