17 SEPT 2012

What a fun and successful season we had this year. Again, as with last year, we would have liked about twice as many hunters as we got but the economy is still in the crapper and many people just can't afford to go on a 6 day Bear hunt. Next year is filling fast already so maybe we'll be able to fill ALL the stands.

We had 12 hunters this year all of whom had an opportunity at a bear! of the 12 we harvested 8 nice Bear. 2 Wounded and 2 opted not to take the shot.. 5 of the 8 harvested were over 200 lbs.

2nd week we had the Reaper Outdoors team hunting and shooting an episode of  their TV show Reaper Outdoors "Survive the hunt". They inserted into an OP area I set up for them and were successful at harvesting a Maine bruin. Be sure to keep an eye on the Pursuit Channel some time next year for this episode titled Operation Eagle. Thanks to Reaper 01 - 02 & 03 for allowing us to host them and their show. It was even more fun than I had imagined it would be.  

3rd week I had a couple friends who had been a great help to me both during the season and pre-season sitting for a couple nights. Brett, ( a Maine guide who worked for me) saw a decent bear and opted to pass. It was around a 150 lb bear. The highlite at the end of the season on the very last night, my buddy Brian had a monster come in just a little to late to make a good shot. He is convinced it was a 500+ lb Bear. I had thought the season was over but we do have the rest of this week to hunt over bait. I may just have to keep that site going and hope that big boy comes in again.

Final tally  ( unless we keep after that monster this week ) 14 hunters saw a total of 27 Bear.....