699 lb Black Bear... NEW MAINE STATE RECORD!

699 lb Black Bear... NEW MAINE STATE RECORD!

20 SEPT 2012

 Congratulations to U.S. Army Capt. Matt Knox of North Carolina & kudos to his guide service for harvesting a 699 lb Black Bear! Capt. Knox beat the old Maine record for bear by 19 pounds. Good Job! Maybe they should have sewn up the hole so he didn't lose a pound of blood :-)... I'll always call it the 700 lb Maine bear....

2012 was a great season for Maine Black Bear. Another big bruin was taken closer to our neck of the woods that weighed over 500 lbs. We missed our opportunity by a matter of minutes when a 500 plus pound monster came into one of our sites. Even though it was still legal shooting time, it was just a little too dark for a good shot. The hunter made the right decision not to take a questionable  shot and probably wound the big trophy. I believe that bear was the same bear that paid  us a visit last year but it backed out before the bow hunter had a good shot. They say third time's a charm, so if the ole boy survives the dog hunters, maybe we'll get a whack at him next year.

Off to hunt Woods Chickens and Timber Doodles for the rest of October. Bear bookings for 2013 are already coming in and 1st week has only 4 slots open. I will update with the #'s again when the dogs and I return home from bird hunting.

Good hunting everyone...