Turkey and Trout Combo " Cast & Blast "

Maine Wild Turkey Hunting

Once reduced to meager numbers, the turkey is now prospering through the combined efforts of wildlife managers and sportsmen. Turkey hunting is a secretive sport in which a camouflaged hunter attracts the wary bird by use of a call. Success is not always measured in the number or size of the animals harvested, but in seeing, hearing or conversing with this game bird.

Maine turkey hunting is one of the most exciting hunts in Maine and North America.  To have a Tom answer your call with an exited gobble and come in hot to your ambush spot will test the nerves of the best of hunters.  Our success rate is excellent and the birds respond well to calling. There is no shortage of Turkey fields in our area. Be prepared to cover some ground as we don't sit in one spot all morning. One of the thrilling aspects to our hunting style  is how we maneuver in on the birds especially when they are holding up.

We utilize natural cover to hide in when we set up. Maine Spring Turkey Hunts are for Toms only with a second Tom available with the purchase of a second permit.  Experience the heart pounding adventure of “calling” your wild Maine Turkey within range.

Fall Turkey Hunts in Maine allow for the taking of either Toms or Hens. Calling birds in is not as effective as it is during spring hunts. The experienced Maine guide who knows where they are typically located; in their feeding grounds or moving between roost and feed, can find birds.  One Bird may be taken with a Fall Turkey permit.

Turkey Hunting Rates

Turkey - Spring, Morning Hunt (as per law)

Turkey - Fall Hunt, Firearms or Archery

$250.00 per day, per person

Meals and Lodging add $75.00 per person, per day

IMPORTANT! - Be sure to bring a full camouflage suit with face mask & gloves.


Spring Turkey Hunt and Remote Fishing Combo

Eagle Mountain is offering an exciting new hunting/fishing combination. During the Spring Wild Turkey season in May, we are offering this unique package of Turkey Hunting and remote Fishing.

Guests & guides will stay at our Wilderness Lodge , In the heart of prime Turkey country. We will hunt Turkey's in the morning until legal quiting time at Noon, break for lunch, then fish for Brook trout from one of the numerous wilderness lakes, ponds, rivers and streams surrounding the lodge. We can either canoe fish a remote pond or stream for Native Brook Trout or if you prefer we can troll a big lake for Landlocked Salmon and Lake Trout. A 3rd option we can fish for is trophy Smallmouth Bass on either a lake or river.

What better way to enjoy early Spring in the great state of Maine?  Individuals or small groups are encouraged to come. Each guide will take 2 sports each. Call for details on this exciting hunt/fish combo...

Daily Rate for Turkey Hunt and Fishing Combo

Includes meals, lodging and Guide

$375 per person, per day

IMPORTANT! - Be sure to bring a full camouflage suit with face mask.