2013 Deer season

2013 Deer season

1 DEC 2013

Rifle season ended the day before we finally received some snow :-(...Thankfully we have 2 more weeks to hunt the elusive Maine Whitetail as Monday our two week Muzleloader season begins. It has been an exciting year thus far here in Downeast Maine. We had just 4 hunters this year with one harvesting a young 6 pt buck.

I really got to spend a lot more time scouting and hunting around the lodge this year. The Wilderness Lodge is blessed to be located in perfect Deer territory. We are smack dab in the middle of Oaks which this year produced a bumper crop of acorns. The Deer are having no trouble finding food. We also have great cover in and around the Oaks with a combination of Swamps/wetlands, thick Spruce/Hemlock and Cedar, as well as hardwood ridges, 1000's of acres ofBlue Berry barrens as well as (carabou bogs )  also known as Heaths.

We have no more hunters booked for this season so I will be taking out the ole Smoke Pole and hopefully getting onto some tracking snow. I like being able to just walk out the door of the lodge and start hunting. I cannot tell you the amount of buck sign I saw this year within a 1 mile radius of our back door. I found numerous signpost rubs which is always exciting. One signpost in particular was especially nice and had been torn up fresh this year by a big Buck. I plan to spend some time around that and hopefully will get a chance to follow him in the snow before the season ends.

Stay tuned for more updates.