2014 Moose

2014 Moose

6 JULY 2014


Fortunately, the driver of this car was uninjured. This is one less Moose that will be in the woods for the 2014 Maine Moose hunt.

The state cut back the number of permits this year in reaction to the large number of Moose lost this winter. That will make finding a Moose that much more difficult for those opting to go it without a guide.

We are in the woods of our territory ( zones 18, 19, 27 & 28 )  for a much of the late summer right up to the beginning of the Moose hunt. We know where the Moose are. 

A Maine Moose hunt is the hunt of a lifetime. Many people have waited over 30 years to win a chance to hunt these majestic animals.  We strongly suggest you use a guide. Don't waste valuable time scouting your area trying to figure out where the Moose are. 

Eagle Mountain Guide Service is taking bookings for the 2014 Maine Moose hunt.


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