2014 Bear Season

2014 Bear Season

14 JULY  2014


Well all I have been talking about lately in this blog is Maine's battle to save our bear hunt. The battle goes on and I have every confidence we will defeat the perpetrators of this attack (U.S. Humane Society) on our heritage and life will go on....

Now, the upcoming bear hunt....

If you have booked with us this year, we look forward to meeting & hunting with you. ( Again for many ) If you did not book a hunt, I regret to tell you we are full for the season. We cannot book anymore hunters for the 2014 bear over bait hunt.

We can however tell you about our November bear/deer combo hunts. This is an exciting hunt, but we can only offer it if we have a good Mast crop year. If the Acorns and Beechnuts are plentiful enough to keep the bears up into November, this hunt will be happening. Keep your eye on this blog page to find out. When we know, we will post it here. It will be a last minute decision so keep watching for updates right up to November.

I have been scouting out new sites in our territory & now the hard work begins as we start baiting in a couple weeks. 4 weeks of pre season baiting is more work than the actual season with all the tree stand lugging, ground blind building, bait barrel lugging, pruning for shooting lanes & walk in trails, as well as the pruning for the trucks on some of the older roads that have grown in. All this in prime Deer Fly season during the hottest month of the summer. Our goal is to be 100% ready for hunters on opening day with great stand sites set and every bait smoking hot. 

We have been getting email questions about what to bring for fishing and other non bear hunting activities. Be sure to read our things to bring list we sent you. There is also a version of it on our Q&A page of the web site.

If you have ATV's I strongly recommend you bring them if you can. ( remember you need to register them here in Maine online ) 

For fishing tackle, bring gear for Brook Trout and Smallmouth Bass

For Coyote hunting, bring any varmint calls you have as well as a long range shooter.

Bring shotgun for skeet shooting 

You should all know the license info but here it is again:

2 things you need:

- Maine non resident Big Game License

- non resident Bear permit

- 7 day non resident fishing license ( if you plan to fish )

NOTE: If you are STRICTLY  bow hunting ( not even bringing a firearm with you except for skeet shooting ) you can save a few bucks by getting the Archery license, instead of the big game license. Still need the bear permit....


If you wait to buy a license once you arrive you MUST have you home state hunting lic. with you or else you WILL NOT be able to get a Maine license and you will not be able to hunt. 

My suggestion: Don't wait, get them now at this web site:  http://www.maine.gov/ifw/

If you have any questions, give us a call