2014 bear results

2014 bear results

27 Nov 2014


Well it's Thanksgiving day and I finally have an opportunity to sit at a computer and do some updating. I have been living at the lodge since the 3rd week of August. Guiding bear, bird, moose, deer. I'll be going back up after the holiday family together. It's time for Me to get some deer hunting in. :-)

1st and foremost, we defeated the ANTI's (again) in their efforts to do away with Bear hunting in Maine. For those of you who have not been following, the Humane Society of the U.S. managed to get a state referendum on the ballot this Nov, but Mainers' said screw you and voted it down!

So, 2015 is on.... Book early! the phone has been busy since the referendum news spread.

2014 was by far the biggest and best year of Bear hunting for Eagle Mtn. Of the 51 hunters that came 25 harvested a Bear and 6 others coulda shoulda woulda... The biggest weighed in at 350lbs taken by Mike Richards ( aka Johnny Reb ).

We held our second Wounded Warrior hunt during week 4 and two of the three hero's scored. The SOWW program leaders are talking about buying the whole 4th week in 2015 so they can auction off 8 or 9 hunts to raise money for SOWW,  plus we'll still host 3 or 4 wounded warriors. This means we will not be booking anyone else 4th week.

Check the bear page for updates...

Have a great holiday season