Maine Deer Comeback <---click

Maine Deer Comeback <---click

14 Dec 2014


I am very excited about the Whitetail comeback we are witnessing in Maine and particularly in our part of Maine.

This year I saw more deer over the course of the fall seasons than I have in many many years. During a normal September bear season I will see maybe 2 deer and about a dozen or more moose. This year it was the other way around. And most of the deer sported headgear! 

What I am most excited about is what I learned this year while hunting on my own around the lodge. We are blessed with a fantastic amount of deer (and big deer) many of which are within walking distance from our front door. The trail cam pic above was of a nice buck coming thru a historic corridor not 300 yards from the lodge. Another nice buck got his photo taken on the same camera but I can only post one pic on a blog with this program.

I tracked a couple of the biggest buck tracks I have ever seen in Eastern Maine. Jumped one twice but had no shot. One of our tree stands (which is on the same corridor as the trail cam) sat empty most of the season, it had new buck tracks within 15 yards of it every time I went by.

What I guess I am getting at is, we have a good population of big Whitetail bucks just waiting to be hunted. I am hoping to get the word out to people who like to hunt Maine and like to hunt big bodied bucks, that they are here.

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There is nothing more frustrating for me as a guide, than to have stands and blinds sitting empty with big bucks walking by them throughout the season.

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