2015 Fishing season results

2015 Fishing season results

17 DEC 2015


2015 will definitely go down as one of the best Smallmouth Bass years I have ever seen !  At least one or two, 4 & 5+ pound fish were caught nearly every day. Our Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park visitors enjoyed a very special year indeed.

When it came to the larger Bass, Top water lures dominated. Theres nothing like watching a 5 lb Bronzeback come up from the depths on a flat calm morning in a crystal clear cold water lake. I surprised quite a few experienced Smallmouth fishermen when I proved to them how our Bass will come up from 20' of water to smash a Hula Popper or Buzz Bait.

When it wasn't prime time for top water fishing, Crank Baits in the deeper water and Mepps Spinners in the rocks on shore were getting the job done. I think the # 3 dressed Aglia Mepps Spinner is my all around favorite lure for Smallmouth Bass. When the big fish are in the rocks, a properly presented Mepps is devastating as well as a whole lot of fun. Also easy to lose in the hands of a less experienced fisherman. :-(

Although the highlight of the year was Smallmouth, I have to say I was very pleased with the Landlocked Salmon fishing as well. The Salmon fishing in our lake has made a tremendous comeback in the last few years. Once one of the best Landlocked Salmon lakes in the state, it took a big hit in the mid 90's when Bass were illegally introduced. With the leadership of a great fishing biologist, we are almost back to the good old days. This year the state introduced a " no kill " rule on Salmon during Jan & Feb ice fishing to further enhance the comeback. I think this will help a lot.  Spring fishing for these exciting fish should be awesome. Given the warm temps we are having now, there may not be any ice before Feb anyhow. I could put the boat in and go fishing today.

The Lake Trout took the same hit as the Salmon back in the 90's. Their comeback, while occurring, is a slower process than the Salmon's has been due to the fact Lakers grow much slower.

One great fishing experience people are missing out on is our early season Brook Trout and Salmon fishing. I encourage fishermen who like to fish for these two species to book a trip with us in mid to late May. We fish a very special Fly Fishing Only pond nearby that needs to be fished in May. The Salmon and Lake Trout are on top that time of year in the big lake and it is the best time for trolling and or Fly fishing from our big Pontoon boat.

Hope to see you in 2016. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Matt Whitegiver

Master Maine Guide

Eagle Mountain Guide Service