Maine Upland Bird hunts

Maine Upland Bird hunts

20 March 2016


Here it is the first day of Spring and the Woodcock have returned. A look outside and you would think we were well into May already.

I took Kayden (our 6 yr old male) out to a nearby cover this morning and he found one Timber doodle. If you enjoy Upland bird hunting and never been to Maine, you owe it to yourself to make the trip. We are located right smack dab in the heart of the Eastern Woodcock Flyway. We are also located in the middle of millions of acres of working forest. Woodcock covers are always plentiful and so are the Grouse.

A typical Maine cover for these much sought after game birds is a combination of young Birch and Popple (Poplar) growth as well as alder thickets. I also enjoy hunting a young Beech ridge. 

Be prepared to cover some ground. We generally hit 6-8 good sized covers a day. Some are easy, what I call gentleman's covers and others are tough, what I refer to as hell holes.

Good dogs and good people make for a great day in the woods of Downeast Maine.