2016... first day guiding fishermen this year

2016... first day guiding fishermen this year

9 MAY 2016


 What a wicked gale it blew today!

Pontoon boats are a great platform to fish from for fishing, both trolling and casting, but in heavy winds they are a chore to maintain a  constant heading and speed. The electric trolling motor on the front is a must. It makes the job so much easier. It helps with keeping a constant troll speed and is invaluable with steering.

Today we had a father and son from Texas. With water temps still in the upper 40's and air temp near the freezing mark, I had an idea these fellas might show up a little unprepared for the cold even though they were advised on how to come prepared, especially when you add in frequent 25 - 30 knot gusts. So, I packed a duffel bag  right full of heavy wool coats and windbreaker stuff. The Texas boys were some glad I did. They were wearing wool before we even wet the first line.

With white caps and 3' breakers we trolled 4 lines and managed to land 2 Lake Trout & 2 Salmon. Great morning fish!                 Downeast Maine offers some of the best lake fishing in New England.

Great start to the 2016 guiding season....

Stay tuned...