Breaking away

Breaking away

27 FEB 2017


After 10 great years of guiding bird hunters for Leens lodge, I have put in my notice and will be offering limited guided Grouse & Woodcock hunts from our own "Wilderness Lodge" . Part of my reason for resigning from Leens is I want more time to hunt for myself with my dogs. I went through 2 great dogs who are retired now and I rarley got a day in the field alone with them and my shotgun during bird season. I don't want that to happen with my younger dogs. Therefore, I will be limiting my bird guiding from my lodge (with another guide) to 4 hunters twice a week. 

This opens up a whole new territory and I look forward to hunting it. Many covers are known to us and I look forward to finding many many more. We are located in the heart of the migratory path of the Woodcock and are in great Grouse country.

Book early for this hunt.

I look forward to showing you some great hunting & enjoying some myself... :-)