2017 bear season results

2017 bear season results

6 JAN 2018


Well I finally have a chance to sit down and write about how last bear season went. 

We had a fantastic year with 20 bears harvested and multiple other opportunities.

Our SOWW ( Special Operation Wounded Warriors) week we went 8 for 10 ! What an awesome week that was. (PIC)

Some really big bears were seen but not harvested for one reason or another. One because the hunter had a bow and the bear did not present a good shot and another monster that never actually came to the bait. He was seen twice!

We did harvest more small bears than we would like. And the main reason for that is people shooting the first thing they see the second they see it. Even though we give a detailed briefing on how not to shoot small bears, people still do it. I am considering starting the opposite of a trophy fee and giving a boo boo fine. It won't be this year but if it continues I will be forced to. One hunter shot a cub that weighed 28 lbs. That is unacceptable.

3rd and 4th weeks are completely full but we still have plenty of openings 1st & 2nd weeks.

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