2019 Deer season

2019 Deer season

21 Jan 2019


This trail cam picture and many more like it shows a nice buck walking in front of an empty tree stand !

In fact, this year I had 11 setups on buck corridors I have found, that all sat empty this past season!

Either trail cams or tracks in the snow proved that throughout the 5 week gun season, each and every one of the 11 setups had nice bucks walk right by. Some multiple times! Needless to say, it was very frustrating. And this isnt the first year.

That why this past season I set out  to prevent that from happening again. You might ask why I had so many stands and groundblinds if I didnt have any hunters. The answer is simple. I was on a mission this past season  to prove that, had my stands been mannned throughout the season, we would have hung some nice bucks on the gamepole.

Many hunters are under the misconception that Maine has no deer anymore. This is not true. The population isnt what it has been in the past but it has been growing every year for the past 5 years of easy winters and there are plenty of deer if you know where and how to hunt them.

I was more like a trapper checking his traps than I was a deer hunter this year.  Checking my traps (stands and blinds) at least every other day.

It was a special year because we had snow on the ground the majority of the season. This provided a great deal of cruicial intel. Next year I'll have even more set upsbecause of what I learned this year. AND next season we'll have the acorns. :-)

The best way to learn buck corridors is by following tracks. That's what I did all day almost every day.  When different bucks bring you through the same exact spot, and I say to myself, "been here before"... either a treestand gets lugged in or a ground blind gets built.

So that's what I did for the 4 weeks of rifle season and 1 week of muzzle loader. I walked and I checked my "Trapline" . I posted many trail cam pics of Bucks, and pictures I took with my phone of  big tracks, major trails,scrapes, rubs, blinds and stands, all with that one mission in mind. Get some deer hunters and fill those stands and blinds. All it will take is one season and you'll be hooked.

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