biggest bear yet

biggest bear yet

December 2019


Finally am home from the lodge and have time to sit down and update everyone.

Well it finally happened. After almost 30 years trying to break the 400lb mark, we did it this year! happened during our SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors) week.

Yep, one of our Special Ops Warriors took down this 431lb bruin !

The head on this monster will eaily score Boone and Crockett. We're just waiting for the 60 day drying period , then onto an official MASTC ( Maine Antler and Skull Trophy Club)  scorer.

Sadly I can only post one pic on this blog but if you go to our Eagle Mountain guide Service FB page, I'll post a bunch along with this blog.

The rest of the season went just as good with many quality bears harvested. Lots over 200lbs

It was an awesome year for bear.

Bear are still up as we are experiencing a bumper crop of acorn and beechnuts.

Book early for 2020, calls are coming in already.