9 MAY 2020





Hear's what we know as of right now...

Although our numbers in Maine are quite low compared to most of the country ( 1,408 cases - 64 deaths ), we are pretty much the biggest tourism state and there is the big fear that with the tourists will come the virus. 

Just yesterday our governor introduced a " Rural Reopening Plan ". This plan allows for reopening of certain business's in 12 of our 16 counties. Restaurants, retail stores etc.  It's a huge step in the right direction to getting our economy train rolling again.     I'll let you read about it if you like.

Still in place is a mandatory 14 day quaratine for anyone coming into Maine. At this point this is in effect until July 31st.

This rule effectivley shuts us down for the entire fishing season ! Except for Maine residents which are few.

If the 31 July quarantine date does not get extended, bear season should be a go. Time will tell. Stay tuned to our blog as we will be updating as we learn.

That said, if you have plans or would like to a bear hunt with us, we are asking people to let us know and we will pencil you in.  But we will not be taking deposits until we know for sure.

So it will be a last minute thing for all of us.

Keep an eye on our blog as well as our FB page and hope for the best.

Have faith, be safe.

We will get through this...

God Bless,


Matt & Lisa Whitegiver