wolf packs

wolf packs

21 July 2011


We are entering the time of year when the large Bass are forming into groups known as "Wolf Packs".

This can be a very exciting time to fish as well as a frustrating time. These groups of a dozen or more mature fish are cruising fast in the deeper water (15 -20") , into the shallows and back making them challenging to locate. Even once located, they are extremeley difficult to keep up with as they are constantly moving seeking out prey. When we do find them, hang on cause the action can be awesome. They will hit almost anything. One day my son Ethan, AKA : the Snorkeler,  spotted a nice Bass near the boat in 15' of water and pointed him out to me. The water was rough with white caps so I had anchored while Ethan swam. I let fly with a stick bait in the direction he pointed to and within 2 seconds of my bait hitting the water the big bronze back was on my line and  exploding into the air  through the rough chop. As I was landing the fish, I noticed Ethan frantically climbing into the boat as if a great White Shark was after him. " what's up I asked " while I was admiring my 4+ lb Smallie. At 1st he said nothing , he just quickly grabbed another pole and sent out a cast ... then he reported: " there were at least a dozen other fish the same size as that one chasing him in ! " Over the next 45 mins the 2 of us caught 7 fish all over 3 lbs! 3 of which were close to 5 lbs. It was the best day of Small Mouth fishing I had ever experienced. They were hitting anything we threw at them. Believe it or not, just for the heck of it, I  threw a Hula Popper out into the White caps and on my 2nd cast one of the 7 smashed it the instant it hit the water. That's right White caps in 18 feet of water and it hit a top water bait !

So if you fish with me over the next few weeks, be prepared to cover a lot of ground while we hunt for the Wolf Packs. Be patient as they can be difficult to find. But it is well worth the hunt.

Stay tuned.....