Time to feed the bears

Time to feed the bears

1 August 2011


Baiting season kicked off this weekend. On Friday I went alone as I had 5 new sites to scout out and that takes a lot of time out of the day plus I prefer to scout by myself.  You really can't bait 35 sites in one day when you have that many new sites to scout. I like to spend a good amount of time picking out quality spots, plus all the pruning to make shooting lanes takes a while.  So I saved the majority of the baiting for Saturday .

On this day my friend Brian joined me and as it turned out, I needed to find 2 more new spots. One of my old sites was inaccessible because the road was washed out 1/4 mile from it. The other because I made the decision not to use it this yr.  This pic is one of the new spots we found.  It's in a hardwood ravine with a dried up wet run coming down off the mountain. The opposite side... ( where Brian is standing with his camera), is nice and high so we decided it was a perfect spot for a ground blind.

Sunday morning I went out behind the lodge and set up  4 baits, One is an old historical bait that the lodge has used for many years even before I owned it. Another spot  is a brand new site I set up within walking distance from the lodge for anyone who wants to hunt in the morning..

We'll give them a few days to get active, then hit em all again. :-)

Still room for more hunters....