Bait site report

Bait site report

13 August 2011

They say third times a charm. That was surely the case yesterday on my 3rd trip back to the baits. All sites are now smoking hot! It was a great day.  I did have a difficult choice to make at one point. One of this years new sites I started hadn't  been hit  yet on my last visit and I decided then that I liked the looks of another spot ( as I drove by )1/2 a mile before the cold site. It was a nice looking cedar swamp with a brook running through it, perfect bear cover so, my plan was to move the new spot I was baiting to here. 

I went into the area and looked for a suitable baiting spot. I found a good stand tree and with some pruning  I set up a very nice bait site. I pruned my way out for the walking trail and went back in with a bucket of donuts. I was quite pleased with the whole set up. Most hunters don't realize how much work a bear guide does for the 4 weeks prior to the opening of the season. 

Now I had to go the 1/2 mile down the road to the original site to retrieve my barrel and bait sign. Guess what? This bait had finally been hit. I stood there for a few minuets hemming and hawing trying to decide what to do. Do I stick with this one and write off all the hard work I just did? This spot's advantage was that it was was wide open, in a stand of Norway Pines with multiple shooting lanes. I took down the sign and went with the Cedar swamp. I decided I still have plenty of time before opening day for the new spot to become active and I just like cedar swamps with a running brook... so do Bears. I predict that on my 1st return visit, this new spot will be hit already.

Stay tuned....