bear update

15 Aug 2011

I've been so busy baiting , setting up stands and still continuing to guide fishermen that I have not had time to update here. I have been back to the baits 3 times since my last update. All stands are set up and we are ready for 1st week hunters next Monday.

My prediction about the new Cedar swamp bait being hit on the 1st return proved wrong. Even after 2 more visits, no bear. I still have every confidence because there really is no place in the 38,000 acres I lease that a Bear won't find a donut, it sometimes just takes a little while and we still have 2 weeks before we plan to hunt that area. All the other bait sites are smoking.....

The rest of the week will be too busy to update as we move up to the lodge. My next report will be after the season ends.

Check in later and thanks for reading....

Good hunting,.