2011 Bear season

2011 Bear season

19 Sept 2011

Where to start.... My only regret this year was the lack of hunters. I had the fewest amount of sports that I've had in a long time, only 12. When you run 32 sites and have 32  stands set up, you want to fill them all. Oh well, next year is already starting to fill up so 2012 should be better.

The lack of hunters certainly was not matched by the lack of bears. 1st week, 8 hunters saw 24 bears! We killed 4 and a few nice bears were passed up. The biggest of the week was taken Thursday by Alan Whitter of Massachusetts. Alan made a great shot allowing the big 325 lb boar only 2 steps after he fired before dropping. Good Job Alan...

Opening night 2 nice bear were harvested, one 221 lbs and one 181 lbs. The pic above is of the 221. The 221 was taken by Tommy from Texas and Pete from Holyoke Mass tagged the 181.

Joe,(Tommy's son, also from Texas)  came last year and tagged a nice 265lb boar. He saw 8 different bears over the course of the 2011 first  week. He wanted one bigger than his 265 so he passed on all of them. One was in the 250 lb class.

Only 1 hunter did not see a bear Week 1...

Week 2 we had only 4 sports at the lodge. Even so, 8 bears were seen at the baits sites. Monday night, Ben from New Jersey had 4 different bears at his site at once. He opted to take the most aggressive bear. A 141 lb sow which was busy running off the other 3 bears so Ben decided she was the shooter. He made a great shot with his .44mag handgun.

Mark from New York who 2 years ago tagged a 368 lb monster brought his .35  model 8 Remington and really wanted to take a big bear with it. It's an open sighted rifle so, knowing how dark it gets in the woods early, he brought a scope rifle along too. After he could not see his open sights he would switch to the scope. Monday, a 250+ LB bear came in but he had already switched guns and wanting to really get one with his trusty .35 he passed on this bear. Unfortunately, he saw no more bears the rest of the week.

 John from NJ ( Ben's father) had a big bear come in on him Thursday but was so close ( 6 yds) he dared not move. The bear slipped out and  did not return the next 2 nights. This week while I was pulling stands and cleaning up sites, I had 2 friends sitting for a few nights. My friend Brian, sat where John had seen the big bear. 1st night was windy and he saw no bears. The 2nd night, this past Sat. He had the big boy show up at 5:30 pm. It only offered a head shot and Brian opted to wait for a better shot but the smart bear disappeared not to return again before dark. Brian will be manning that stand for the last 3 days of the season this week. Note: next time, I'm pretty sure  he'll take the head shot :-)..

Well, all in all a great season with great people. Thanks to all who hunted and helped. A special thanks to my wife Lisa for all the great meals, You're the biggest reason people come back year after year.



This year there is a bumper crop of Beechnuts and I am offering the combo hunt because of it. We will spot/stalk bear in the Beeches and hunt for Whitetail at the same time. This is an exciting hunt which does not come around very often.

I will only be offering this hunt the 1st 3 weeks of Nov. To learn more about the combo hunt give me a call

Stay tuned for Brian's outcome with the big bear....