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Wool hunting clothes for the serious outdoorsman/woman

The best hunting clothes to wear for deer season in Maine are wool. (<--Thats a period) especially if you are walking.  Why?... you ask,  Wool is about as quiet a material as you can possibly wear and the best part is it keeps you warm.  And when it gets wet or even frozen, it still keeps you warm (COTTON KILLS). Stand hunters can get away with other, newer high tech materials to keep warm, but for tracking or still hunting in Maine, wool is the way to go.

Here is what I wear every day in the woods in November,  December and also through winter Rabbit hunting & ice fishing. I have found these products to be the best wool hunting clothes available.

I know these choices are on the expensive side but I make my living in the woods and I found these products serve me best, in every kind of weather, plus they last for years. There are less expensive alternatives out there, just as long as it' wool.... Filson wool is what I recommend. Beaglewear is great too but they have gone out of business.

Here is a short story I wrote for the " Filson Life stories"

Here are some of the Filson products I recommend:

- 1st and foremost are my hunting pants

  • Mackinaw field pants < these pants wear like iron and keep you warm in the worst of conditions ( Of course I go with the green ones)  Pic does not do these pant justice. On my 14th yr on the same pair!                                                                                                                                                 

- Under the pants you need a good thermal layer

- Thermal top layer is also important

Next layer on top is a quality wool shirt

  •  100% wool shirt     < This with the thermal under layer and the following coat is good for most days

- Quality wool coat 

  • Mackinaw Cruiser     < this coat is as tough and warm as the field pants. It will last you many years. It will keep you warm when wet or even frozen. These 3 layers on top is all you need to hunt in Maine. On extra cold days I will add an  wool sweater or vest over the shirt.
  • Double Mackinaw Cruiser    < This coat is a double layered wool coat. It is for people who sit all day. I only wear mine ice fishing. I will bring it to Antarctica if I ever go...

- Wool socks

  • midweight crew sock    <  100% wool is a must when I buy socks. No blend. If your feet get cold...You get cold !


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